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Legal Translation Dubai

Elevate your global communication with Polyglot Legal Translation in Dubai, offering unparalleled legal translation services that ensure precision and accuracy in every document. Our expert language solutions set the standard for excellence, catering to diverse industries with a commitment to quality.

BEST Legal Translation COMPANY

Certified Legal Translation Services In Dubai

Welcome to Polyglot Legal Translation, your gateway to top-tier legal document translation services in Dubai. With over a decade of expertise in the realm of legal translation, we’re your trusted partner for ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and precision you need in every document. We specialize in translating documents for immigration (Embassy), academic, professional applications, court, and legal interpreting services.

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Legal Translation Services for Documents

Contracts and Agreements

We offer accurate translations for legal contracts and agreements, ensuring clarity and understanding across language boundaries.

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Court litigation documents

Trust us for reliable translations of court litigation documents, crucial for legal proceedings and cross-border cases.

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Power of Attorney (POA)

Our translation services cover Power of Attorney documents, making them legally recognized and binding in different languages.

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Memorandum of Association (MOA)

We ensure precise translations of Memorandum of Association (MOA) for business purposes, maintaining the integrity of your documents.

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Notice of Eviction

Rely on us for translation services for eviction notices, making them clear and legally valid in various languages.

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Legal Agreements

We provide reliable translations of legal agreements, maintaining their legal significance and precision.

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Litigation Documents

Trust us for accurate translations of various litigation documents, essential for legal proceedings and international cases.

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We offer accurate translations of patent documents, ensuring that your intellectual property is legally protected across language boundaries.

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Our Services

Legal Translation Services for Certifications

Best Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Marriage Certificates

Our expert translators ensure the accurate translation of marriage certificates, making them legally valid for various applications, from immigration to legal proceedings.

Divorce Certificates

Trust us for precise translations of divorce certificates, crucial for legal use in Dubai, ensuring your documents are accurately understood.

Training Certificates

Our translation services cover death certificates, making these sensitive documents suitable for official purposes and documentation.

Academic Certificates

We provide reliable translations of academic certificates, allowing you to pursue educational and professional opportunities across language barriers.

Birth Certificates

Trust us to accurately translate birth certificates for various legal applications, including immigration and official documentation.

Police station (Declaration Certificate)

Our translation services extend to police station declaration certificates, making these documents accessible and legally valid in multiple languages.

Legal Translation by language

Certified Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Asian Languages

  • Translation services for various Asian languages.
    • Explore our expertise in translating Asian languages like Urdu, Chinese, Bengali, Hindi, Japanese, and Korean. Our team ensures precise, culturally sensitive translations for diverse needs.

Legal Translation Services in Dubai

European Languages

  • Accurate translation for European languages.
    • Discover our proficiency in European languages, including French, German, English, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Albanian, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Portuguese. 
Translation Services in Dubai

African Languages

  • Translation services for African languages.
    • Delve into Africa’s linguistic diversity with confidence. Our professionals specialize in Swahili, Hausa, Yoruba, Amharic, and Zulu. They understand cultural nuances!

Translation Services in Dubai UAE

Middle Eastern

  • Accurate translation for Middle Eastern languages.
    • Count on us for precise Middle Eastern language translations, particularly Farsi (Persian). Our linguists meticulously preserve linguistic subtleties. Effective communication!
Our Services

Content Writing Services in Dubai

Legal Translation Requirements in Dubai, UAE

Foreign-Issued Documents

When it comes to foreign-issued, non-Arabic documents, we provide legal, certified translations approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice. Our partnerships with approved translators ensure accuracy and reliability.

Documents Issued Abroad

For documents issued abroad for use in Dubai, we guide you through the Apostille/Legalization process, UAE Embassy Attestation, MOFA Attestation, Legal Translation, and MOJ Certification.

Documents Issued Locally:

For documents issued in Dubai, UAE for use abroad, we offer MOFA Attestation and certified and sworn translations, ensuring your documents are accepted worldwide.
How it works
The Process
  1. Initial Consultation:Our process begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your needs and specific requirements.
  2. Skilled Translators:Our team of professional translators, with subject matter expertise, ensures accurate translations.
  3. Quality Assurance:Our three-step quality assurance process guarantees error-free translations.
  4. Client Review:Clients review the translated documents and request corrections if needed.
  5. Final Delivery:Once approved, the finalized documents are delivered securely and promptly.
The Importance of Legal Translation DUBAI
  1. Legal Documents in Dubai:Dubai is a global hub for business and immigration, making legal documents crucial. Ensure your documents are accurate and legally binding.
  2. Business Expansion:Expanding your business to Dubai or the UAE? Accurate translations are vital for contracts, agreements, and compliance.
  3. Academic and Professional Pursuits:For students and professionals, accurate document translations are essential for academic applications and job opportunities.
  4. Court Proceedings:In legal matters, precise translations of documents are non-negotiable for court proceedings and legal submissions.
Certified Translations
The Significance of Certified Translations
  • Legally Accepted Documents: Certified translations are officially recognized, ensuring your documents are valid for official use in Dubai and beyond.
  • Accuracy and Reliability: Certified translations guarantee accuracy and reliability, giving you peace of mind in crucial situations.
  • Compliance with Authorities: Government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses accept certified translations, making them a must for legal compliance.
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Most frequent questions and answers

The cost per word varies depending on document complexity. For an accurate estimate, get a free quote.

Translation charges differ based on the type of document and urgency. Contact us for specific pricing.

For official use, legal documents require professional translation. We can assist you in this process.

Polyglot Legal Translation is your trusted choice for official document translation.

We need the original document and any specific instructions you may have.

Our team is committed to fast turnaround times. Contact us for more information on your specific project.

Our certified translators are experts in translating legal documents to and from English.

Pricing varies, but we offer transparent pricing based on document complexity.

We provide certified translations approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

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We invite you to be a part of our journey and experience the difference that precision and dedication make. Whether you’re an individual seeking certified translations or a business navigating the global market, we’re here to support your language needs.

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