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Your Trusted Partner for Power of Attorney (POA) Translation

Are you seeking impeccable Power of Attorney (POA) translation services in Dubai, UAE? Welcome to Polyglot Legal Translation, where we bring you expert legal translation support that goes beyond the ordinary. With a decade of experience in the field, we understand the power of precise translation when it comes to immigration (Embassy), academic, professional applications, court, and legal interpreting. Our certified translations are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your documents speak with absolute clarity.

Polyglot Legal Translation

In the intricate realm of legal documents, the power of attorney holds a paramount position. This document grants authority to someone to act on your behalf, and it’s vital that its translation reflects the true intent. That’s where we step in, offering you professional Power of Attorney (POA) translation services in Dubai. We understand the nuances, intricacies, and the critical importance of translating such documents with precision.

Types of Power of Attorney

General Power of Attorney

  • A general power of attorney provides broad authority to the appointed attorney.
  • Accurate translation is crucial to ensure the document’s true meaning is retained.

Special Power of Attorney

  • Special Power of Attorney specifies particular powers and properties.
  • Precise translation is essential to avoid misunderstandings.

Limited Power of Attorney

  • Limited Power of Attorney restricts the grant of authority for real estate purposes.
  • Accurate translation is necessary to comply with legal requirements.

Translation Services

Power of Attorney Translation for Embassies and Consulates

  • Official translations for diplomatic entities.
  • Our translators are experts in handling such translations.

Personal and Corporate Undertakings

  • Translation of confirmations and undertakings.
  • Emphasis on accuracy and confidentiality.

Official Use with Government Entities and Private Companies

  • Approved translations for official purposes.
  • Vast experience in translating power of attorney documents for government and private entities.

Benefits of Choosing Elite Legal Translation Services

Fast and Efficient Translation

  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Our translators’ expertise and professionalism.

Competitive Prices

  • Discounted prices for power of attorney translations.
  • Cost-effectiveness is our hallmark.

Dual Format Preparation and Notarization Assistance

  • Convenience in preparing documents in dual format.
  • Our assistance in the notarization process.

Contact Us

For more information or to get started with your Power of Attorney (POA) translation, feel free to reach out to us:


In a world where precision and professionalism matter the most, Polyglot Legal Translation stands out as your ideal choice for Power of Attorney (POA) translation services in Dubai. We recognize the paramount importance of accurate translation, and our decade-long expertise speaks for itself.

Don’t compromise on quality; contact us today for fast, affordable, and elite translation services.


  1. Why should I choose Polyglot Legal Translation for my Power of Attorney (POA) translation needs?
  • We bring you a decade of expertise in the field, ensuring top-notch accuracy and professionalism in our translations. Our competitive prices and notarization assistance make us a trusted choice.
  1. How long does it take to get my Power of Attorney (POA) translated?
  • We offer a quick turnaround time, and the exact duration depends on the complexity and length of the document. Contact us for a personalized estimate.
  1. Are your translations officially recognized by embassies and consulates?
  • Yes, our translations are approved for official use with diplomatic entities, embassies, and consulates.
  1. What sets Polyglot Legal Translation apart from other translation services in Dubai?
  • Our commitment to precision, competitive pricing, and notarization assistance makes us the preferred choice for many individuals and businesses in Dubai.
  1. Can I trust the confidentiality of my documents with your translation service?
  • Absolutely. We take confidentiality seriously, and your documents are in safe hands with our professional translators.
  1. Do you offer expedited services for urgent translations?
  • Yes, we offer expedited services for urgent translation needs. Please contact us for details.
  1. Can you handle translation of documents in languages other than Arabic and English?
  • Yes, our team of translators is proficient in a wide range of languages, ensuring we can meet your specific language requirements.

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